A friend of mine is off to uni in October

Last night I said something followed with the phrase “That’s a uni pro tip…. I could write a book”

So she called me up on it and asked for my top five, I went with:

  • Don’t kiss or sleep with a housemate, You don’t shit where you eat.
  • No matter how dedicated you are in week 1, you will go out and get shit faced before a 9am lecture may times
  • drinking games are immature and you do regress in maturity, get over it
  • No one likes a slob, but no one likes a washing up nazi either. Fuck off.
  • If you’re being kept up at nght by someone partying, remember on another night It’s probaby you doing the keeping up

Then the following two came to me later on the topic of relationships:

 1) never settle too quick in first year 2) People who come to uni taken don’t tend to last….

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The 1975 - Chocolate

I have never been able to decide if this guy’s voice annoys me or not. 

Annoying or not it is an infectious tune.

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Another feeble attempt at slacklining / Shining in the sun like some kind of adonis ;)

Another feeble attempt at slacklining / Shining in the sun like some kind of adonis ;)

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The clash - Train in Vain

Sounds so different to lots of the Clash’s stuff. 

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My grandfather died recently.

He had bowel cancer several years ago and he recovered, however within the last 4 months I guess it was discovered that it had made a come back and he was given two years to live. Xmas eve he was taken in to hospital and after a few days in hospital he passed over the xmas period. This obviously made for a somewhat less than happy xmas period however it gave me a lot of time to muse on death. A few days ago I attended his funeral which was nowehere near as bad as I had expected, I’d have liked to have been asked to speak at the occasion but I wasn’t. My brain however composed a eulogy anyways and it is written below:

"Simple thermodynanmics dictates that you can not get something for nothing, just as a car cannot be driven without expending fuel. So too it is not possible to live without dying. 

As with the car the challenge is to get as far as possible with a tank of fuel, the challenge for us is to use our life as fully as possible to make most efficient use of it. 

The question then becomes: “Did my grandfather do this?” 
For me and I dare say all gathered here there is no doubt as to the answer, a resounding yes. My grandfather as a conversationalist was all that I can aspire to. I never held an interesting conversation with him where he didn’t contribute something, either a snippet of his quick (but never offensive) humour, some little fact that he picked up from a book or the newspaper, or just an opinion that helped to make you question or think a little differently. 

He was an exceedingly well read man and this was evident in his love of a crossword, crosswords often became a family activity with many hours spent pouring over dictionary’s or reference books. 

He was a man of many diverse hobbies: his collecting of antiques, walking, gardening, photography, wildlife, and the appreciation of the finer things in life (port, whisky etc etc). As if these things alone were not enough to count his life as well spent he was of course a family man. 

He was a fine gentleman, and a fantastic host. I will always remember his ability to make people feel welcome in his home. As a family man my grandfather always found time to spend with grandchildren and to help educate us, be it on the finer points of port appreciation, or british history.

It is a testimony to the friendship offered by him that so many are gathered here today. And in reading the many sympathy cards that have been sent that word has cropped up more than any other “gentleman” It is that trait of the quiet polite gentleman that we will all remember him by.

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Innocent (12” Mix) - Mike Oldfield and Anita Hegerland 

Mike Oldfield is a musician who has fascinated me for a long time, I want to like his music because it’s genius and he’s so talented. But instrumental stuff like Tubular Bells etc just go on so long I get bored, however recently I’ve taken a real shine to his songs with lyrics. 

This is probably my favourite version of my favourite song, it balances his musical talent with interest and feeling from the vocals.

The better quality your speakers / headphones can manage bass in the better. The opening is awesome. 

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The vital signs are fading

This blog is probably in all time low slump, it’s more or less dead.

I went out the other night for an enjoyable evening in the pub with two very close friends Heni and Jack (daniels that is….)  conversation was as ever stimulating and funny. Heni is also a tumblr user, at one point I mentioned that tumblr is more or less just access to slightly more interesting pornography for me. 

The look that was returned from across the table was somewhere between scorn and disappointment

So I may attempt to write something today, likely to be on the topic of death I imagine, something nice and cheery.

For now a song as I think going back to posting a song a day would be a good way to get back into this blogging Jazz..

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what do you call this color gradient?


black to the fuchsia

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